Goodbye B

Today, our dear friend, you let go…

When you told us you were sick again, I never thought we would have to say goodbye.

Somehow, I thought we’d see you back on the ocean, kiting, yachting, dreaming.

Somehow, I thought we’d see you back on the snow, boarding, adventuring, travelling.

Somehow, I thought we’d see you many times again, somewhere in the world, laughing, partying, living.

You had an instinct for living. It was as if you already knew that life is short.

You made the most of the things you loved, and you had no ordinary time doing them.

You were a deep thinker, like me. You spent time taking things in.

Life and love disappointed you greatly along the way;

But you always had this engineer’s way of tinkering on it, working at it and fixing it.

You had such a thirst for knowledge, always sharing what you read and learning new things.

And then a musical, creative side that coloured in your complexity.

Such a talented, brilliant, kind-hearted man.

You knew how to have fun, to let the evening go wild;

But never did your wheels fall off; you had a map and you knew what direction was right.

You were a faithful friend, a true friend, our dear friend Brandon…

You must have been so scared all this time, but you lived your fight so bravely, and so peacefully.

We will miss you and remember you always.