The hashtag yachtie #myyachtinglife #sunsetstewardess #superyacht #montenegro #mydeskjob hashtag hashtag hashtag

It was with great irony I read an email from an old crew member, offloading endlessly about her new yacht, the captain, the crew, the this, the that, and the next thing; only to see her Facebook feed flooded with photos of Corsican sunsets, dolphins skipping in and out of the water (#divingwithdolphins) and a #crewnightout in Rome.


I got it. It was one of those ‘drunk on exhaustion’ moments you get 500 charters into your season, no days off, small things driving you bat shit crazy and hashtag burnout… Yachting’s driven all of us to that point at least once in our careers (#btw #thatswhyileftboats)…

But who are you kidding buttering it over with these gooey Facebook updates and expecting sympathy from those of us who know what it’s really like to work on board?

Because yachting is #CRAZY so #GETUSEDTOIT hashtag hashtag.

I spoke about this phenomenon not so long ago in my post The Yachting Illusion. At that time, I did fall firmly in the trap of delirious, social media yachtie far too keen to post about #yachtielife.

Because yachting is #CRAZY so #GETUSEDTOIT hashtag hashtag

Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not bitter when I see the sunset/beach/water/new place photos. I still think it’s #omg #amazing that we get to work in an industry like this, seeing and experiencing so many new things everyday, meeting interesting people and building a book of stories for the grand kids.

But whatever happened to the days of #iloveyachting and #itsactuallylessglamorousthanitlooks?

These posts don’t lull me into a false sense of #throwbackthursday nostalgia, where I want to return to #lifeonboard and #livethedream; today I have a more balanced idea of what #lifeonboard and #livingthedream really are.

Call it age, call it hindsight, but I know for every #sunset photo, there’s also a photo of someone’s head down the grey water tank, pulling out soap-clumped hair.