Nominate The Swedish African in the 15th Annual Bloggies

I’ve never been one to back down from a great contest. Ask my university friends to tell you about the time I entered Miss South Africa. Twice. And came short. Twice. They would argue it was a saving grace I turned 25 and was too old to enter (and fall short) a third time.

Please nominate for “Best Writing of a Weblog” in the Fifteenth Annual Weblog Awards (or “Bloggies”)

Pageants aside my dear readers, please nominate my blog in the world’s most prestige blog pageant of sorts. Just asking this of you makes me feel 23 again, standing in that sequenced, gold bikini, pleading to be “theeeee next Miss South Africa”. But this time round, I feel more mature, more likely, and more settled in my groove as a writer (not a beauty queen).

If you have a free moment and want to support my writing, please nominate for “Best Writing of a Weblog” in the Fifteenth Annual Weblog Awards (or “Bloggies”). Nominations close on Sunday, 1 February 2015. And it’s relatively straight forward with no spammy newsletters at the finish line:

1) Visit the Fifteenth Annual Weblog Awards

2) Scroll down to ‘Best Writing of a Weblog’ and nominate The Swedish African:

Bloggies The Swedish African.001

3) Annoyingly, you’ll have to nominate two others for the same category. I don’t mind if The Disco Pants Blog gets runner up — she’s rather beautiful too.

Without sounding like too much of a beauty queen: thank you for your support and happy reading in 2015.

The Swedish African