The desk. And choice.

Little dip in the Med Sea

It was 08h45 when I walked past an office window, filled with row-after-row of desks and people staring into computer screens. I was walking back from a morning Pilates session at the Solarium – where we’d caught the sun coming up and watched cormorants diving for fish. Some mornings – but not this morning because it was chilly – our bodies are salty from a little dip in the Med Sea.

Pilates at the Solarium - Monaco
Pilates at the Solarium – Monaco

It was 08h45 when I walked past an office window and to the boat, where I work. A job that has me on my feet the whole day, meeting interesting people from different countries and cultures, a job where my body aches at night. A job where I get to work with my hands and see my work away from screen. A job that draws on my senses – new places to see, sounds and smells to take in. The rows of desks and computer screens reminded me how much I didn’t want to be back there: the communication overload in this digital age, the four walls, the sedentary sitting position that’s killing people, the corporate stress, burn out and wasted time in traffic. But the people at the desk might argue that they’re better off – better money, better career, better opportunities, better stability, better relationships, better families. Perhaps.

Little dip in the Med Sea
Little dip in the Med Sea

But we’re moving into an age where time and experiences are our greatest commodities – commodities that slip through our fingers in a heart beat. Lifetimes that pass by with no interesting story to tell. And a reminder to me that the riches of the more interesting life are the riches worth working towards.