The “ON MY WAY” message

Two friends plan to meet-up at a bar at 7pm…

At 18h50, the one sends the other a message: On my way

At 18h53, the other replies: See you now

It’s tragic. We’re over-communicating. And it’s wasting our precious time.

My thoughts come off the back-end of the YouTube video I Forgot My Phone, which has since gone viral and received over 36-million hits.

It’s not a good week to be thinking about these things — I’ve just opened up my new iPhone 5 and with it, the admin of moving over all my music, photos, messages, re-setting alarm tones, the works. And it’s shamefully addictive.

It wasn’t a few days later when Arvid passed a comment: Let’s not become the couple who jump into bed, sit on our phones, roll over and sleep. We’d already said we don’t ever want a TV in our bedroom. Perhaps phones should be banned too.

Let’s not become the couple who jump into bed, sit on our phones, roll over and sleep.

And then there was the dad, mom and two kids at Wimpy in Springbok (on our way to Namibia). Dad and mom weren’t talking; they were both messaging. Three-year-old was hanging off the chair bored out of his bracket and seven-year-old was singing to herself.

All this made me realise that the longer it takes me to reply, the more fun I’m actually having. We use our phones as an excuse to pass time when we should use them to document the odd moment or two and learn new things. “Texting” just doesn’t seem like a worthwhile investment of our time.

I can understand if you’re at Dubai Airport and it’s 2am and it’s a good time to knock-off a few replies. But when we’re out hiking and running and slack-lining and canoeing, we certainly won’t be replying...

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