A story about butterflies

We have spent the past two months living on a farm in Billeberga, Sweden. And we’ve shared a flat with three, very hard-working Polish carpenters. They eat breakfast while we’re still sleeping and come home in the evening, broken from a day’s work. They bomb out the kitchen with Alaska Pollock and onions, pass out at 8PM, reawaken at 11PM for a few bowls of muesli or popcorn and pass out again — for good.

Our conversations with them have been more a game of gestures than anything verbal — their English isn’t great and neither is their Swedish. While I was baking a quiche, one of the men asked if I was a chef on the boats. I said not. He replied then in his blunt Polish English:

Good for that a hungry man has found a good wife.

A few weeks later, he walked into the kitchen, saw us hugging and said:

Hello butterflies.

It’s the simplicity of it that I love: A hungry man who finds a good woman and two people who are like butterflies.

Stockholm - Sweden
Stockholm – Sweden

I am touched by how people from the outside look in when they see our relationship. And I’m touched that our love for each other is both so obvious and so simple to those who encounter it. Even the guy selling Pølse (sausages) in Denmark asked us if we were in love.

And in keeping with the humility of love, we’re not perfect and it’s never easy, but it’s simple. It’s been a challenging year for us with the distance, we’ve had ups, downs and in betweens. But more than anything, we did what we said we would do and we put our lives on the same road. I look back on the year of anniversaries and find it quite unbelievable how we did it:

[Arvid – Bianca]

1 SEPT 2012: Antibes-Antibes
1 OCT: Mälmo-Johannesburg
1 NOV: Fort Lauderdale-Nairobi
1 DEC: Antigua-Cape Town
1 JAN 2013: Anguilla-Rio
1 FEB: St John-Lima
1 MAR: St Thomas-Bogota
1 APRIL: Puerto Rico-Johannesburg
1 MAY: San Blas-Antibes
1 JUNE: Costa Rica-Cannes
1 JULY: San Francisco-Zurich
1 AUG: Antibes-Antibes
1 SEPT: San Francisco-Antibes
1 OCT: Sweden-Johannesburg
1 NOV: London-Sweden
1 DEC: Stockholm-Stockholm
1 JAN 2014: Namibia-Namibia

This life is an adventure. And our love the same. It’s no more complicated than it needs to be. So thank you my love. Jag älskar dig.

William Shakespeare

Next stop South Africa…