Today we woke up, ate breakfast, watched Madiba’s Memorial, ate lunch, fannied about online, watched the Nobel Ceremony, ate dinner and jumped into bed. And although most would be satisfied with a day like this — we never, ever are.

MoveArvid and I have the same outlook on life and it’s quite simple: make every day count. You read all the motivational bullshit about “living every day to the fullest” and “one life, make it count” but few people really do it. It’s why I love Nike : Just do it. Full stop. No excuses. Just do it.

Let’s breed a people of doers, not sayers.

It’s what I loved about Arvid from the start: whether we’re running or cycling or slack lining or ice-skating or walking or gyming or stand-up paddling or working… We’re moving. Sadly, we’re from a generation that thinks texting, emailing, phoning and Facebooking means moving. And it’s not. You won’t look back on your life and be pleased you sent enough texts and responded to emails — you’ll be pleased you moved.

So you can see that when we have a day like today, we kick ourselves for letting a good one go to waste.

For our days are investments.

Doing things changes things

I was first inspired to drop the desk and go travelling when I watched this “Move” video:

And tonight I found this:

Food for thought for tomorrow:

We all try to be busy instead of being alive…

Let’s move!